Whip Cracking Display


Experience the best of whip cracking by Mark – expert whip maker and whip cracker.

Mark is a state champion whip cracker and one of the best in Australia.

Pig Racing

Kev’s Pig Racing

Can pig’s fly? Yes!!!

There’s a reason they call him Kev the Pig Man — he’s been racing piglets for 22 years.

Watch the little pig’s fly around the course.


Ka – Boom Fireworks 💥

We are excited to bring Ka – Boom Fireworks on board this year for our firework display.

We can’t wait to see what they will bring to our crowd this year at Dungog Show.

Make sure you don’t miss our firework display this year, it will be a show not to miss.

Camel Races

Camel Races

It’s back! Enjoy the spectacle of these extraordinary animals racing aroing the track at the 2023 Dungog Show.


The Pretty Amazing Jono

What is a show without a magician!

The Pretty Amazing Jono will dazzle and befuddle with mind bending tricks and illusions !

Live Music

Annoucing that Georgie Darr Music will be playing at our Show.

We are excited to have local artist Georgie return to Dungog to showcase her amazing country music.

Mower Racing

Experience the thrill and the chaos of mower racing

Lawn mowers dont just cut grass. They race!!!

Snake Displays

Australian Reptile Displays

Check out the wonderful display of snakes and reptiles.