Dungog A&H Office Bearers

Thank you to the Dungog Show Office Bearers for their ongoing support.
  • Jeanie Briggs – Seers

  • Miracle Urban

    Vice President
  • Bruce Neilson

    Second Vice President
  • Owen Nicholson

  • Helen Urban

  • Peter Dillon

    Ring Master
  • Miracle Urban

  • Miracle Urban

    Beef Cattle Steward
  • Ed Rumbel

    Poultry Steward
  • Liz Elliott

    Horse Steward
  • Felicity Dillon

    Campdraft Steward
  • Matt & Taneal Anderson

    Dog High Jump
  • Jeanie Briggs-Seers

    Dachshund Dash / Pet Comp
  • Bruce Neilson

    Animal Nursery Steward
  • Taneal Anderson

  • Norma Pearce

    A&H Ladies Auxiliary President
  • Simone Turner

    Arts Pavilion Steward
  • Jeanie Briggs-Seers & Taneal Anderson

    Schools Program Steward
  • Bill Rumbel

    Post Splitting Steward
  • Kath McDonald

    Young Woman Steward
  • Brendan Wakeman

    Demo Derby Steward
  • Jeanie Briggs-Seers

    Regional Delegate

Dungog A&H Committee Members

Thank you to our Dungog Show Committee Members.

Richard Abbott
Dugald Alison
Matt Anderson
Taneal Anderson
Tom Borer
Pete Blundell
Lyn Campbell
Jennifer Chant
Jay Dillon
Peter Dillon

Liz Elliott
Rob Elliott
Kristin Grout
Luke Fairweather
Betty Anne Forster
Kath McDonald
Ian McDougall
Tom McDougall
Andrew McEwan
Chloe McLucas

Penny McLucas
Bruce Neilson
Matthew Neilson
Owen Nicholson
Norma Pearce
Brian Pearce
Robyn Phillips
William Rooke
Eddie Rumbel

Ted Russell
Simone Turner
Jeanie Briggs-Sears
Mandy Shumack
Julie Sullivan
Carmen Tippett
Matt Tippett
Sarah U’Brien
Helen Urban
Miracle Urban

Dungog Ladies A&H Auxiliary Office Bearers

We are grateful for and thank the Dungog A&H Ladies Auxiliary for their tireless work in managing the Pavilion, their happy smiles in feeding the Ring Stewards and catering for the Presidents lunch.
  • Norma Pearce, President
  • Erika Seck, Secretary
  • Kathy McDonald, Treasurer
Dungog Ladies A&H Auxiliary Committee Members:
  • Jennifer Chant
  • Robbie Philips
  • Janet Dahlenburg.

If you would like to find out more or join the Dungog A&H Ladies Auxiliary, please contact us.

A&H Meetings

Monthly Meetings

Be Connected – Be Heard – Be Informed

  • WHEN: Monthly on the second Tuesday
  • WHERE: Ladies Auxillary Room, Dungog Showground Abelard St Dungog NSW 2420

  • TIME: 7.30pm

New members not only encouraged but will be lavished with excessive amounts of praise! There is no monthly meeting held in January.

The AGM is held in May each year before the General Meeting.
A fully paid A&H Association Member will be entitled to attend meetings of the Dungog Show Society.

A&H Association Members are entitled to apply for Show Society Committee membership. Show Society Committee members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to nominate for positions on the Committee as they become vacant.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • WHEN: Second Tuesday in May – Annually

  • WHERE: Ladies Auxillary, Dungog Showground Abelard St Dungog NSW 2420

  • TIME: 7.30pm

Be Connected – Be Heard – Be Informed

  • Apologies
  • Minutes of Previous AGM
  • President’s Report
  • Secretary’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Election of Office Bearers & Sub Committees

The Dungog Show Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on the second Tuesday in May annually where committee members will be voted in. A brief General Meeting will be held following the AGM. Show President, Jeanie Briggs–Seers said she is looking forward to as many people as possible attending to help improve the annual show. ‘The AGM is a time to celebrate the success of last year’s Show and to start thinking about new ideas for this year’s Show.’