A&H Membership

Become a Member of the Dungog Agricultural & Horticultural Association

It’s a great way to show your support for our local Show and District and reinforcing your commitment to showcasing our agricultural, rural and horticultural industries.

New A&H members are welcomed and encouraged.

Members are asked to consider helping at the show and to participate in committees, but the Show Society understands that not everyone has time and it is certainly not a requirement or expected. Any contribution, no matter how small will make a big difference.

All Dungog A&H Members are entitled to free entry to the Show and Adult Membership includes complimentary entry for 1 guest. Membership is for 12 months and runs from 1 April to 30 March.

Membership Fees

  • Adult – $25
  • Junior (under 18 years) – $5
  • Life Member – $150
  • Life Member Badge – $15

A&H members are a major part of our show and we wouldn’t be able to run without the support and hard work from our members. We honour our A&H members and are always welcoming new A&H members to join our committee.

Life membership is a very special option to consider to show your support and commitment to your local show.

Click here for the membership application form 😊

Honorary Life Members

We celebrate our Patrons and Honorary Life Members

We acknowledge their hard work and committment given to the Dungog Show or A&H Association.


  • Mrs Lorna Johnson
  • Mrs Barbara Kellner
  • Mr Norm Shelton
  • Ms Julia Dillon

Honorary Life Members

  • Mrs Barbara Kellner
  • Mrs Julie Sullivan
  • Ian McDougall
  • Jillian McDougall
  • Tom McDougall
  • Grace McDougall
  • Montana McDougall
  • Mrs Liz Elliott
  • Ms Julia Dillon
  • Mrs Jenny Payne

Life Members

Life Membership

We acknowledge our A&H Life Members.

Mr Richard Abbott
Mr Martin Addison
Mr James G Alison
Mrs Prue Alison
Mr Dugald Alison
Mrs Libby Alison
Mr Ranald Alison
Mr Robert Alison
Mr Ross Alison
Mr Matthew Anderson
Mrs Taneal Anderson
Mr Rodney Barnes
Mr John Barnes
Mr David Bennett
Mr Matthew Blampey
Mr Tom Boorer
Mrs Jeanie Briggs–Seers
Mr Doug Cowan
Mrs T Cowan
Mrs Jenny A Cox
Mrs Lucy Dillon

Mr Peter Dillon
Mr Paddy Dillon
Mr L T Dillon
Mrs Lyn Dillon
Mr Peter Donald
Mrs Judy Donald
Mr Robert Flannery
Mrs Marilyn Flannery
Mrs Betty Anne Forster
Mrs Carol Gehrig
Mr A R Grieg
Mrs Katherine Hampton
Ms Samantha Hitchens
Mr Des Hopson
Mrs Sybella Howell
Mr Lachlan Hudson
Mr Barry Irwin
Mrs Lorna Johnson
Mrs Susan Judd
Mrs Barbara Kellner
Mr Ron Kennedy

Mr Joel Kiem
Mr Ken Kiem
Mr James Landers
Mr John Lidbury
Mr Lyndsay Lynch
Mrs Jan Lyon
Mrs Kath McDonald
Mrs Penny McLucas
Mr Paul Middlebrook
Mrs Lea Mitchell
Mr Kendall Neilson
Mrs Kath Neilson
Mr Owen Nicholson
Mrs Judy Olsen
Mr Tim Olsen
Mrs Beth Olsen
Mr Keith Osborne
Mr Wayne Owers
Mrs Margaret Pass
Mr Brian Pearce
Mr John Pearce

Mrs Norma Pearce
Mr Harold Ralston
Mr Angus Reid
Mr Will Rumble
Mr D G Rumble
Mr Eddie Rumble
Mr John Rumble
Mr Michael Rumble
Mrs Erica Seck
Mr Luke Sharp
Mr Norm Shelton
Mrs Elaine Stuart
Mr Brett Thomson
Mr Alan Tickle
Mr Peter Tickle
Mr Ian Turner
Ms Simone Turner
Mrs Sarah U’Brien
Mrs Julie Weismantel
Mrs Jan West
Mr Daniel White